September 20, 2009


New Celiac Gene Discovered

It has been known that the genes DQ2 and DQ8 predispose people to develop celiac disease.  Some people have had genetic testing done to find out if they have the genes.  If they don’t, celiac can be ruled out.  If they do, they might develop celiac but not necessarily.

Maltese Researchers have now discovered another gene sometimes involved in the development of celiac disease.  They studied a family with three generations of people with celiac and found that those with the disease all carried a variant of the gene CD59.  They also found that those with the DQ2/DQ8 and the CD59 developed the disease, while those with only one or the other did not.

The CD59 gene is very rare, so most people with celiac disease do not have it. Therefore, it is not really useful for diagnosis.  However, the discovery should be useful in research pertaining to the relationship between genes and chronic disorders.

More information can be found in these articles:

Times of

The Malta Independent


Very interesting, thanks for sharing this Linda!
Interesting! I hope that this helps them learn more =D.

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