September 10, 2009


Gluten-Free Recipe eBooks

One of the goals I have always had for this blog is to provide gluten-free recipes free of charge.  That will not change.  However, I am now giving my readers the option of purchasing some of my recipes.  They are not new recipes, and all of them are already available for free here.  So why would you want to purchase them?

1.  Format.  These small eBooks are in PDF format.  It allows them to be easily read and easily printed.

2.  Donate.  This is a way you could donate to this blog and support the time and financial cost of making it happen. 

The eBooks

Price:  $3 each.  Payment is accepted through PayPal using the email address glutenfreehomemaker (at) gmail (dot) com.   Please make note of which book you want when you pay.  Once I receive payment, I'll email the ebook to you.

Here is a sample page showing the format used for all the recipes.


1.  Cakes, Cookies & Bars contains the following recipes:

2. Yeast Breads & Quick Breads contains the following recipes:

Whether you purchase or not, please let me know what you think of  the idea.  If it goes well, I’ll offer other recipe books in the future.


One reason I love blogs is that there are usually pictures. I am such a visual person! I need pics! That would be a neat addition to the ebook :)
Stephanie, I agree that pictures are very helpful. I decided not to include them because I wanted the ebook to be printer friendly. Not that you can't print pictures but they use a lot more ink. It was definitely something I debated over, so I appreciate the input.
I also like the pictures! But this is a really good idea!
Kudos to you, Linda, for creating an eBook of your recipes! That must be very exciting. I'd think that one could reference your blog for photos. Many of my favorite cookbooks don't have photos. (And, then I don't get upset if my version doesn't match a designer photo either. LOL)

Congrats and best of luck with this new endeavor!

Well done!
I got the Yeast & Quick Bread ebook and am very excited about all the recipes. When I printed it I noticed it is a 5X7. Which is a nice size. I was wanting to take it to Staples and have it spiraled but the margins don't allow for that. Is there a way I can change the margins? Thank you so much I anticipate many happy baking sessions.
I would love to purchase the e-books because I've beeen trying to copy and paste your recipes and it's a pain! I'm trying to put together a booklet for my husband's stepdad. He has this disease and this is my way of helping them out. Love your website. Please let me know how to purchase. I see that I can pay through paypal, but I can't seem to find a link to purchase the books. I'm interested in purchasing all of the e-books you have.

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