September 28, 2009


Fruit & Vegetable Wash Recipe


This recipe was passed on to the celiac support group I attend by the woman who spoke about organic food at our last meeting. 

It is important to wash your fruit and vegetables, especially when they are not organic.  Washes contain citric acid and surfactants to remove wax, soil, and agricultural chemicals.

Homemade Fruit & Vegetable Wash

This recipe did not come with directions, but here’s what I would do (I haven’t made it yet because I’m still using up some store bought wash):

Combine the ingredients in a spray bottle.  Make sure you add the water first so you don’t have a volcano effect from the vinegar and baking soda.  Spray it directly onto food and rub it with your hands or a vegetable brush.  Rinse well.


good idea to share! I use grapeseed extract for all-purpose cleaning.
This is probably a good recipe, but it isn't convenient for everyone. Some health food stores and markets sell food-safe cleaners to remove oil-based residues that are not entirely water-soluble, such as pesticides, waxy preservatives, and oils from the hands of shoppers who search for the most appealing fruits and vegetables. Oddly enough, the FDA currently dos not recommend using anything besides water. This consumer education video provides more information about the produce washing controversy.  Has anyone come across any good data about the health consequences of these oil-based residues?
The FDA also currently hasn't banned
bottles w/ BPA.. AND approves of putting aspartame in gum.. Though BOTH have been found repeatedly harmful. Me included! It's not so odd that the "FDA currently doesn't recommend using anything besides water".. Can we really trust the FDA as "the standard" of what's safe?

I don't think so.

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