September 13, 2009


Celiac Disease Index

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Celiac Disease Information

Basic Information & Getting Started:

What is Celiac Disease?
Celiac Disease, Gluten Intolerance, or Wheat Allergy?
Diagnosis:  Celiac Disease
Help for Those New to the Gluten-Free Diet
What's in a Name:  Celiac Disease
Putting Celiac Disease in Perspective


Telling Your Story (my celiac story)
How Gluten Affects Me Mentally
A Reason to Celebrate
Forgetting About Gluten

Posts with mostly links to other resources:

Listening to Dr. Fasano
Articles on Grains and Celiac Disease
Celiac Disease and Gluten Free Living Resources


Gluten > Celiac ?

Did YOU Know / Have you been told ?

That > If YOU suspect that You have a Gluten InTolerance / Celiac Disease > Do NOT begin a Gluten Free DIET > Until You have been Medically Diagnosed ( See Below ).

IF ..
You would like information regarding the Self / Personal Use > Of a Self Test / Finger Stick Kit > That will test you for presence of Celiac AntiBody .. Contact

> FDA Approval Status ? > In the Works > But used extensively WorldWide by Medical Communities to Screen for Celiac Disease ...
And this Test > CAN be obtained for Personal Use... NOW !

Why Wait ? > Your Celiac Disease and HEALTH Will Not.

Research indicates that > Children will visit 6 Pediatricians BEFORE their Celiac Disease is Diagnosed... WHY ?

ALSO > Allergy Mothers of Allergy Children > Who wish to > Take the FEAR Out of FOOD > i.e. Eat a Peanut = Trouble for their Child > Need only visit their Primary Care Dr. for an Insurance covered, FOOD Allergy Blood Test.

Test to Determine if InTolerance of ALLERGY.

Once Test ID’ed > You receive a Custom FOOD allergy DIET Plan > Suggesting FOODs to Eat, Not Eat, Restrict & ReIntroduce > All based on EACH Patient’s unique Test Result.

The SAME Blood Test CAN be used to Identify YOUR Child's Offending Seasonal & Year-round Enviro Allergens .. with Neutralization via Child Friendly, Drug FREE > > Immuno-DROPs ( Think SHOTs But No OUCH !) > Which Neutralize the SOURCE of Your Child's Test Identified Offending Enviro Allergens / Allergy Disease.

STOP ! > A Lifetime of Medicating Your allergy SYMPTOMs > While your Enviro Allergy Disease > Continues / Exacerbates UnAbated ..

Leading EACH Sufferer on a LifeTime, Slippery Slope of “Allergy Driven” diseases ( allergic ASTHMA to Name One ), recalcitrant Health Issues & compromised Quality of Life / Poor Self Image. > Achoo & OUCH !

YES > You CAN take ALLERGIES > Out of Your Child's Future ...

Best Health = Wealth Regards


Celiac Information:

> Serology ( Blood testing ) as well as Biopsy requires the presence of antibodies to gluten.

> A gluten-free diet reduces circulating antibodies thus compromising a proper diagnosis. There are no clear guidelines for a proper gluten challenge to ensure sufficient circulating antibodies for a positive result; some individuals requires 1 month, other years.

> Key Take HOME Message !

With 1 in 100 being affected, Rule out Celiac Disease > Before going Gluten-Free; Regardless of Rationale.

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