August 11, 2009


Sue’s Gluten-Free Story

Although no one in Sue’s family has celiac disease or is gluten free, she was told many years ago that she had a wheat sensitivity.  She tried to eat wheat free but it was difficult, and she gave up.
Fast forwarding to this year, Sue was only eating a small amount of gluten per day, usually at breakfast.  When she would try eating gluten in the afternoon, she gained several pounds, so she continued eating only 1/2 bagel for breakfast.  Then one day she had a few slices of bread in the afternoon.  She ended up craving sugar, bloated, and gassy.
Sue had digestive problems off and on for years, but this year it was on.  She went to her doctor who told her she was very low on vitamin D.  That information combined with the fact that she has Graves Disease, an autoimmune thyroid disorder, caused the pieces to begin coming together.
Sue went home, finished the last package of fettuccini and and began eating gluten free the very next day.  Now, her digestive problems are gone.  Last year she caught every bug in town, but is hoping that this year she will be healthier.
Thanks for sharing your story, Sue!

You can visit Sue at her blog, Gluten Free with Pizzazz.


When you say Gluten-free you mean no sugar? If so, wow. Doesn't stuff taste horrible?!
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Gluten free means no wheat, rye, or barley. I don't think Sue is sugar free.
Thanks for another good gluten-free story. These reinforce for me the concept: stick with what works - it's easier to eat a restricted diet than to feel terrible all the time.
I love hearing people's stories. It's amazing to me how many different ways gluten intolerance can manifest itself. Gina is right; it's definitely easier to eat a restricted diet than to feel awful all the time.
It's nice to read a story with a happy ending!
Hi all, it's Sue, and that was my story. My computer has risen from the dead, and I will be blogging at Join me!

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