August 7, 2009


Iris’s Gluten-Free Story

In April, Iris started on a gluten-free diet in hopes of alleviating digestive problems, and unexpectedly found that it cured her of depression.  The day after she stopped eating gluten she woke up feeling happy.  It only got better from there.  Iris said,

“Over the next 2.5 months, I felt better and better every day. On June 28th, my birthday, I remember feeling as if it was the happiest day I could remember in years. Life suddenly seemed exciting and I felt once again that I had a purpose. “

Last month she started eating gluten again in order to be tested for celiac disease.  Any doubts she had about whether eliminating gluten was what had made the difference in her life were quickly erased.  She fell apart.

She called her doctor and told her what was going on. The doctor listened and said, "Please stop eating gluten today."  Iris had a blood test done, but the doctor told her, "It's just a test.  You're the real authority on your body."

Iris is back on a gluten-free diet and improving slowly. You can read more of her story at her blog  The Daily Dietribe.  Thanks, Iris, for sharing your story with us.

In a previous post I asked you to send me your gluten-free story.  I’ve since gotten a few responses.  You can read more gluten-free stories here.


What a great doctor! I had a similar experience, but my doctor's reaction was, "gluten intolerance is just a quality-of-life issue. It's not deadly. You can make a choice." When I protested that people with my problems are at a higher risk of colon cancer, he replied that colon cancer is easily treatable with early detection.

While I was grateful that my doctor was in the end supportive of me not completing a full gluten challenge, his dismissal of the condition was disconcerting. Depression can kill, and so can cancer. Your health is everything.

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