August 10, 2009


Forgetting About Gluten

Have you ever watched a movie where a kid whose mom has died says, “I’m starting to forget her,” or something similar? It’s always so sad.  I’ve been feeling the same way about gluten except I think I’m past the “starting to” point and have almost completely forgotten.  It’s going on nine years since I’ve taken a bite of gluten filled food.

There are still the smells as I walk past an Auntie Anne’s shop or the sights when I walk past a bakery, and even occasionally the feel when I make a sandwich for one of my kids.  But really that’s all that’s left to help me remember.  I can’t remember the exact taste and texture in my mouth. 

I’m left with simply saying, “Do I like this?” rather than “How does it compare?”  I’m dependent on my family for making comparisons, but they are not real food critics.  They are mostly thinking about whether they like it or not.  Besides, they have been eating my gluten-free cookies and cakes for almost nine years.  They do eat gluten counterparts at the houses of friends and family, but the majority of what they get it gluten free.  Sandwich bread and crackers are the exception.  I do buy those things for them as well as the occasional package of cookies. 

My point is, I sometimes wonder how much they have simply gotten used to gluten-free baked goods.  Are they forgetting about gluten a little bit too?

Unlike the movie scenario I mentioned above, I don’t consider this a sad situation.  It does make it harder to review products and recipes, but if the food tastes good, does it matter how it compares?  I’m glad I’m forgetting.  Gluten wasn’t good and kind and loving to me, like a mother.  It was a thief, a destroyer.  Good-bye gluten memories.

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I'm the same way! How can you miss something you forget?
I am almost a month gluten free. My focus is on finding flavors and textures I like. If I can't have it, I don't want it. Conversely, some of the new gluten free foods in my life, I am going to keep. :-)
I'm going to talk about not eating sugar...I was making ice cream today and when I made this batch I didn't use as much agave - I found that I so enjoyed the flavor of the milk, the cream, the vanilla - and didn't miss the sweetness at all.

Yesterday Joe & I ate at a GF restaurant. He got a piece of GF carrot cake (I couldn't eat it - it had sugar) but my carrot cake has much better texture and flavor according to him. (I could see that my texture is better.) I was so proud of myself and so grateful for all those cakes that went in the trash while learning to bake GF.
As you know Owen is the main reason for being gluten free. We all eat gluten free pasta and to me it tastes great. My little guy doesn't really ask for any gluten foods as he knows they make him feel miserable.
Sometimes forgetting is a good thing!

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