August 23, 2009


Blogging and Money

clip_image002None of the bloggers I know are in it for the money, but earning a little extra cash helps to compensate for the time and expense of blogging.  After reading a post on Problogger,  I decided to be up front with my readers about my efforts to monetize this blog.  There are ways you can support me and other bloggers if you are aware of how it works.

How I monetize this blog:

The Food Buzz ads are pretty obvious.  One reason I chose Food Buzz is because this is a food blog.  Another reason is that payment it based on page loads.  You can help bloggers with these types of adds by visiting their web pages often.  However, I’m all in favor of using a feed reader and I purposely have my entire posts published in my feeds because I understand that sometimes you just don’t have time to visit every blog. 

I use Google Adsense in my feeds and on my customized Google search page.  This has not been very profitable because payment is based on clicks, not page loads.  However, I’m not asking you  to click on ads.  You should only click on those that are of interest to you.

I also use the Amazon Affiliate program.   The way it works is I receive a small referral free for  purchases made through a link on my blog, no matter what items are purchased.  I think this is a great way to support your favorite bloggers.  When you plan on buying something at Amazon, just get there through a link on one of the blogs you read. 

Unlike Food Buzz and Adsense, I have complete control over the Amazon products that are advertised.  I use the Amazon program in a couple of ways.  The “My Store” link at the top of the page takes you to a page that lists some of my Amazon picks in several different categories including books, groceries, and kitchen items.  These are items I can personally recommend. 

I also include links to Amazon products or pages in some of my posts.  These links are generally for sales on gluten-free groceries some of which I have tried and somclip_image002e I have not.  I will only post Amazon links that are relevant to this blog.

Making money on blogs used to be looked down upon, but things have changed and it is pretty common these days.   I hope this information was helpful to some of you, and please let me know if you have questions or concerns. 


Great post! I love it when bloggers are upfront and authentic about their blogs. It is always good to know what is advertising and what isn't and how it relates to the blog.
I have never used Google adsense. I might have to look into that one.
I think earning money on a blog is great if it works. I've earned a little with ads. The people who started blogging years ago are the ones who earn the big bucks. I'd love to be able to support my family with that.

What do you and your readers think about the blogs that have a paypal button and say support this blog?
Diane - Seeing that option doesn't put me off, I just wonder if people use it, especially on smaller blogs.

I have plans for a different option that I hope to announce soon.
I hope you are able to make some cash - spending tons of time to make a great blog like this deserves an income!
I think it's great. I would love to make money from my blog. It's a process, but the truth is that food blogging is so darn expensive and time consuming.

I read Problogger, too. And, I completely believe in making money doing what you love.
Interesting! I never knew about all this, still being somewhat of a newby. I don't think I am consistant enough at blogging or narrowed down enough to pick a catagory :) I like too many things. I did think about foodbuzz at one point, would like to hear more about how it all goes for you.

My favorite of the options you mentioned is the amazon option. I will check it out.
Great post...I have so many questions on this very subject as I've been blogging since March 2010 without earnings as I'm not sure how. (Currently added Adsense but nothing yet.) I started my blog when I learned of my gluten allergy as my two passions are cooking and photography...I knew there had to be others learning to cook gluten free and food pictures are worth a million words.

Very time consuming...yes, and I love to hear others are earning for their efforts. I'll check out the Amazon deal, I would love to start earning too. Good Luck with your ideas and thank you for passing along your experience and tips.

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