July 24, 2009



Zucchini is one of our favorite vegetables, so when I decided to try my hand at a garden this year, I had to put in a zucchini plant. I’m happy to say that it is thriving.

Since today’s Friday Foodie Fix ingredient is zucchini, I thought I would remind you of a couple of my favorite zucchini recipes from my recipe index. Click on the link or the picture to view the recipe.



Zucchini muffins – This recipe can also be used to make zucchini bread. One recipe makes one loaf. I usually double it and bake two loaves at a time.






Zucchini rotini – A delicious vegetarian casserole.






 Ratatouille – I’ve never made it on the stovetop or in a crockpot, but I think those would be good summer time options for this dish.




Egg & potato skillet – This should actually be called egg, potato, and zucchini skillet. Sorry the picture is so dark. This is great for any meal.



zucchini & chicken alfredo

Zucchini & onions – Definitely our favorite zucchini side dish. I learned this recipe from a cousin. Simply sauté zucchini and onions in butter (or olive oil) with plenty of dill weed. I usually start cooking the onions first because I like them well done, but I like the zucchini still crisp or at least not mushy.

Do you have a favorite zucchini recipe?  Visit The W.H.O.L.E. Gang for more zucchini ideas.


Wow lots of great zucchini recipes! Those muffins look fantastic!!

Some great looking recipes! Thanks! I just picked 4 huge zucchini from my garden this morning. I'll have to give these recipes a try.
Linda - your zucchini recipes look so good. I do love this veggie. Ratatoulie is a big favorite at our house...it cooks all day long. I make it only so I can eat the leftovers all week.
Wow, 5 great recipes at once. Love it! What a versatile little vegetable. Thank you for sharing these on Friday Foodie Fix.
I made GFDF chocolate zucchini bread this week. Yum!

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