July 26, 2009


A New Look

I think it’s been over six months since I last changed the look of my blog. I’m a person who likes change, and so I have given my blog a makeover. It’s quite different. I probably should have done this a couple of months ago because it might seem too bright come fall. Maybe I can make some color changes without much trouble.

I started with a free template and made a lot of changes. My header is not as fancy as the original, but it fits my blog theme better.

If you normally read my posts in a feed reader, stop by and take a look. What do you think? Don’t be afraid to tell me you don’t like it. I appreciate constructive criticism.

I like it!
I really like it... the brightness adds a bit of cheer. And the pic represents me a lot when I am searching for a quick gfree snack!
I've been trying to figure out how to do the same type of thing with my blog. I'm afraid I might accidentally erase the whole thing! Yours looks fabulous!
I really like it! It is bright and cheery and really stands out. :)
The picture of the lady looking in the fridge really made me smile. I relate well to that and it's a cute way to tell visitors what you are about.
Are the tabs supposed to be working? The "Home" tab worked for me but not the others. Thought maybe you are in the process of getting them ready, but just in case not, I thought it would be helpful to know.
Wow, What a change! I think it looks great. A very clean and fun design.
Yes, I agree w/ Heather this new look is so fun and bright. Much more inviting. :)

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