July 26, 2009


Gfree Menu Planning and a Giveaway

This giveaway has ended.

Recently, I was contacted by someone at Gfree (gfreecuisine.com) and thought I would tell you about their service. Yes, it is a subscription service, but the thing that caught my attention was the name Carol Fenster. You see, Gfree is a menu planning service that provides recipes, helps you plan your menu, and creates a shopping list.

Each week you are give ten easy, healthy meals to choose from. You choose five of the meals and a grocery list is created for you. The recipes are developed by Carol Fenster, Ph.D. and she provides simple bread recipes and desserts in addition to the weekly menu. Monthly freezer meals are also part of the subscription.

I own several of Carol Fenster’s cookbooks, and love her recipes. I am pretty tight with my money when it comes to paying someone to do something I can do myself, but this service really appeals to me. I might consider trying it when our pace picks up in the fall.

If you are too busy to plan good meals or are simply new to the gluten-free diet and need some help, this sounds like a great service for you to try. The cost is $30 for 3 months, $49 for 6 months, or $79 for 12 months. Be sure to visit Gfreecuisine.com for more information and to view a sample menu and grocery list.

The Giveaway!

Gfree is offering a one year free subscription AND a $50 Crate and Barrel gift card to one lucky winner! To enter:

The giveaway will end on Friday, July 31st at 10:00 p.m. eastern time. I will use random.org to pick a winner who I will contact on Saturday. The winner will have 24 hours to respond.

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I love that they have a gluten free menu! Thanks for the chance to win!
purposedrivenlife4you at gmail dot com
Hi Linda - the new blog is great!! I love it!! About gfreecuisine.com - I like that they're trying to make eating gfree easier and more accessible.
The shopping list is a super handy tool, especially when it comes to maintaining a budget. Thanks for an awesome giveaway!
Always having to check labels causes most of us to end up sticking to the same foods over and over again, which gets pretty boring. It sounds like GFree will keep changing it up and introducing new foods into your routine. Sounds interesting.
I love how it is all planned out for you. It takes away alot of the time aspect of grocery shopping. Thanks for the giveaway!
I'm a really busy mom of 6, 3 of whom need to be eating gluten free and 2 more suspects. Having some one else to do the menu planning and writing out the grocery list would be heaven some weeks!
I love the new look! As far as gfreecuisine.com - I like the blog that is included on the website. There are some good articles there!
I love the fact that everything is done for you. I spend quite a bit of time preparing my list of meals as well as researching possible ingrediants before I head to the grocery store. I love the fact that it does all of it for you. I hope I win!!
I really like that they offer a grocery list creator where you can pick your recipes and scale to family size. Love it!

member (dot) thao (at) gmail.com
Well, it mentions in the FAQ that it makes a great gift for vegetarians but I can't see anywhere where it mentions how many vegetarian options are offered. I can imagine (like some other meal plans) that the same few recipes get rotated around and after a few months it gets boring. I wish they had some stats regarding meal content of the average recipe offering. (Just a heads-up, your first link to Gfreecuisine is misspelled.)
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I'm new to your blog (I love it!) and to the gluten free lifestyle. This service sounds like it would be a great help for a newbie. I really like that I could choose from 10 different meals. (We can be a picky family.)
Wow! What a great giveaway!

I'm a big Carol Fenster fan too. The thing I like most about the service would be the grocery list. So often I go to the grocery store for with no list and end up forgetting or getting the wrong thing for the recipes I'd like to make.
My first thought about this service, is that I wouldn't want to pay for it. But, it does have a lot of nice features. The menu choices look great, and I love that it includes crockpot recipes. I am also encouraged by the fact that the recipes come from Carol Fenster. I'd love to see if it really helps save time and money.
This seems like a very interesting service that goes along perfectly what you generally offer on your website(which I absolutely LOVE). Although I am not gluten-free(my wife is), it is definitely more complex than simply choosing whatever sounds good. I greatly appreciate your blogging which is very beneficial to this process!

Given that I have a (really) hard time menu planning (and subsequently eating right...) since discovering I'm gluten intolerant, I like that this does menu planning for you. Although I dislike/am having a hard time figuring out if it can accomodate other dietary restrictions (dairy, soy, certain meats) or if you would need to modify the recipes/shopping list yourself.

I am new to gluten-free, and currently underemployed. I love to cook, and would benefit greatly from the cookbook, and shopping list. I am becoming familiar with Carol Fenster, and have borrowed one of her books from my local library.

I would love her help...for a year? I think by then I would be well immersed in my new gf lifestyle!
I'm new to eating this way and just the idea that someone could tell me what to make would be an enormous relief. dlbrandmeyer@gmail.com
I like that you can give it as a gift! What a great idea for a busy mom of a gfree family!

I am a newbie Celiac with a son as one as well (along with a corn allergy) and a daughter as a wheat/nut allergy. I am hoping this service would be easy to adapt to multiple allergies. It sounds fantastic and would certainly help in the day to day life with making all meals!! Thanks! dbquad1993@verizon.net
What a cool giveaway! Menu planning is something I really lack, and always end up having to create meals on the fly - it would be nice to be able to do some planning ahead!

(email is on about page of my blog)
I've been interested in trying this for the convenience and new menu ideas - especially since Carol Fenster is involved. It would be so helpful when things get crazy in the fall.
I really like the convenience for busy moms and the variety it provides! I don't like the price... Thanks for the chance to make it possible!

I just found your website while researching the Zeer service. The gfreecuisine looks like a great easy option to menu planning. Would love the chance to try it.

hi! I love the shopping list its great to have it all done 4 you and ready to print out! The price is alittle high 4 my tastes,

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