July 1, 2009


Cookbook Review & Giveaway

This giveaway has ended.

gluten free every day Gluten Free Every Day Cookbook by Robert M. Landolphi is an inexpensive, easy to use book. Along with more than 100 easy and delicious recipes, it includes chapters on gluten-free basics and and a chef’s perspective on eating out. You will also find useful information at the beginning of several of the chapters.

The book offers a wide variety of recipes which use common ingredients. A few of them use premade gluten-free products such as crackers or cookies. My only caution would be to those who are also on a dairy free diet. Many of the recipes do contain dairy. Some would be easy to modify, others would be difficult.

The recipes that contain flour use varying combinations of rice flours, sorghum, and starches, but a few also use chestnut or garbanzo flour, and maybe a couple of others.

I think the only yeast bread recipe is the pecorino pizza crust or bread sticks. The remainder of the bread recipes are quick breads. I recently made the flaky buttermilk biscuits. One of my kids said, “Mom, what did you put in these? They taste like regular biscuits.” They were very good.

Corn, Potato, and Leek Chowder

This picture shows the Corn, Potato, and Leek Chowder. I did modify it according to ingredients I had on hand, but not significantly. I omitted the chile powder and the light cream. It was very good with my modifications, and I’m sure it would be good without any changes.

If you click on the title, Gluten Free Every Day Cookbook, you will be taken to the Amazon page where you can look inside the book. It shows you the table of contents, some of the first pages, and the index. That will give you a good idea of the types of recipes included. For most of you, it will be worth the price of $11.55.

If you think you would like a copy of this book, the publisher is offering to giveaway two of them. To enter the giveaway, please do the following:

This giveaway will run until 11:59 p.m. on Monday, July 6 (hey, that’s my birthday!) I will contact the winners on Tuesday and they will have 24 hours to get back to me. Please check your email (including your junk folder).


What a great book! Especially since they have a recipe for Whoopie Pies!!! That's what I want to try... Anyone who makes GF food fun is good with me!
Ooh, the chocolate fudge bars sound yummy! In fact, my eye kept wandering to all the dessert names!
The chocolate cream pie sounds delicious. Just the thing on a hot day.
I have been a celiac all my life and like new ideas!! I love different types of bread...the Bacon, Cheddar, and Chives Biscuits sound delicious!!
Lasagne Lover's Delight...sounds delish! I have not had lasagne since going gf over a year ago. I miss it!

Looks like a great book, thanks!
Ok - I am craving the Ricotta Cake with Fresh Berries. I love ricotta and I love berries. Great review.
There are a number of recipes that sounded good to me. I guess my first choice would be the caramel nut pie. Yum.
I think that Macaroni and Cheese sounds yummy! :) I have yet to make my own GF version that wasn't from a box.

Thanks for your comment on my post for my Monday List and Happy Anniversary.
The Almond Fudge Bars look great!
The tri spicy onion rings, would love to try them. email: andsalmataud@msn.com (Sally)
I love a good soup! I'd love to try the Mushroom Soup with Wild Rice...and a host of the yummy looking chocolate desserts! :)
Brenda at cornfreelady at yahoo dot ca.
Hi Linda,

Great giveaway and what a fun book this looks like!

I love desserts, so I would choose the "Key Lime Pie".

BTW, Happy Birthday early!


Ooh, I'd try the Country Style Chicken Potpie!
I'm still a newbie at this gluten free stuff, and a good recipe book would be so helpful. Happy Birthday, and tank you for this opportunity.
Would love to try the blueberry coffee cake. My husband has a gluten intolerance and we are going to a beach party in a couple of weeks. I would like to be able to bring a coffee cake good enough for the group .
Ooooo...chocolate chip cheesecake! The whole book looks soooo good but I love cheesecake. :)

Cyndi in BC
Gosh! there are so many great recipes I have had to give this some serious thought! LOL!
I am one of those people to just love to be in the kitchen creating something that is good and now it has to be gluten free.
So, that being said, I think I would first make the blueberry crumble muffins. Then it would the blueberry coffee cake! wow, then all the great bread and biscuits recipes! Hum!

So, even if I am not lucky and do not win, I would love to have this cookbook. You did great!
The index has a carrot cake in it - would LOVE to try to make that for my daughter. Her 1st birthday cake (before she was gluten free) was a carrot cake!!

Great giveaway. Thanks---
Happy Birthday on Monday.

I would love to make the Ricotta Cream Berry Trifle. It sounds so good. All the recipes looked great but desserts are always my favorite.


bstilwell12 AT comcast DOT net
Wow! There were so many interesting recipes!! I am tired of GF cook books full of "fancy" food that is too expensive to try - or just not appealing.

I would LOVE to try the Southern Pecan Pie AND the Bittersweet Chocolate Walnut Cake.

Darn. Now I am hungry!
Thanks for the heads up about your giveaway! The Smoked Gouda Polenta sounds like a little bit of heaven!
After searching the pages for something that would catch my eye... WHITE CHOCOLATE-CRANBERRY BISCOTTI was the winner. It sounds like an awesome treat to have at home.

Sarah Reed
Lasagne Lover's Delight- It is difficult being married to an Italian when your child has a gluten issue!

WOW! There was so many, but here is a few I would love to try: Banana Cinnamin Nut Muffins, Chocolate Chip Cheesecake, Tortilla Chips, & Macaroni and Cheese.

Get give away!
There were a few but I really want to try those flaky biscuits your son said tasted like the real thing!

and happy birthday, mine was yesterday!
Wendy glutenfreegreenie@gmail.com
I think the Almond Fudge bars sound awesome!

Thanks for the giveaway & for visiting my blog!

I would love to try the chocolate-dipped peanut butter balls! Yumm! Thanks for having a giveaway (and for letting me know about it)!
I've had a lot of success with GF cooking since my son had to go GF 2 years ago. I just perfected my pie crust just in time for blueberry season! But I have to say, I've had no luck with biscuits -- they have been hockey pucks. Tasty, but dense. I'd love to try the cheddar & chive biscuit recipe. My son would love to take that in his school lunch!!
It all looks yummy! But I think the biscotti would be fun to make and the shrimp and vegetable pad Thai! :)
Chocolate cheesecake!! Thanks!
I can't pick just one!! I really like the sound of the Rosemary Cheddar Potato Gratin. Of course the Creamy Shrimp Bisque sounds good too! And I REALLY loved the picture of YOUR Corn, Potato and Leek Chowder! That sounds/looks REALLY GOOD! Now what will I have for dinner? Many things sounded great!
Sorry I missed the giveaway. I just read your comment on my blog. Thanks for stopping by! Aloha!

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