June 10, 2009


Gluten-Free Ingredients

When I was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2000, the list of ingredients I had to avoid was very long. I didn’t quite understand why citric acid would contain gluten, but I avoided it anyway. Thankfully, many ingredients have been researched since that time and have been found to be gluten free (including citric acid). Unfortunately, old information still abounds, and many people avoid foods unnecessarily.

Tiffany Janes at examiner.com has written an article covering some of the most controversial gluten-free ingredients. Take a look and see if you are up to date on the gluten-free status of blue cheese, stamps & envelopes, natural flavors, and more.


What great info! Thank you. Great to know that vinegar is ok. I don't have celiac but I am gluten & sugar-free due to some other health problems. Grocery shopping can be a real head-trip. Just the other day I was in line with a box of hot tea and it had gluten in it. I was shocked.

Yes, the long list of "do not eat" takes some getting used to. I am grateful for people like you sharing credible information.
I'm newly diagnosed w/Celiac and in fact just got my positive biopsy results back today. Thanks for posting the list as I'm off to read it now. I just learned something new today (remember I'm new to this whole GF thing)...I stopped @ the health food store and saw these cookies w/a big "WHEAT FREE" statement. I'd taken 2 bites of one and read the ingredients - 2nd one was "barley flour" - now I know GF is not the same as "wheat free". Live 'n learn! :)
I can't wait to eat blue cheese again! I really hope that it truly is gluten free!
I'll pass this article on to my support group, Linda. We are always dispelling myths at our meetings it seems (even ones passed on by some doctors and nutritionists), so this will be very helpful.

Thanks so much,
Thanks for sharing my article with your readers. It is SO hard to dispell old info about what we can and can't eat these days. Instead of asking people on message boards for answers on such things, I go straight to the experts on the subject. No one is trying to mislead anyone - they are just sharing things they learned years ago like we have to drink potato vodka... Grey Goose is made from French Wheat yet it's gluten-free.

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