June 1, 2009


Broiled Parmesan Fish – Adopt a GF Blogger

I love all the recipe ideas I get from What's for Dinner Wednesday. One I’ve used a lot recently is Heather’s broiled Parmesan fish. I decided to adopt Heather at Celiac Family as part of Book of Yum’s Adopt a Gluten-Free Blogger event.

Heather uses tilapia for this recipe, and that’s what I’ve used also. It’s a fish we like that fits in our budget. I’m sure the sauce would go well on other types of fish also.  In fact the garlicy Parmesan sauce is great on almost anything. One of my kids didn’t care for the sauce, but he doesn’t like anything with mayonnaise in it. The rest of the family loved it.

I had a nice photo, but unfortunately it got deleted from my camera. You’ll have to enjoy Heather’s picture, so head over there to try her recipe.  Thanks Heather!


I'm flattered you used my recipe for Adopt-a-Blogger. So happy that it worked for you and your family. It's become one of the favorites at my house, which is always good for trying to add more fish into our diets. Thanks!
Hi Linda,
Sorry about the confusion. Generally, post info and photo are submitted to me by email at adoptaglutenfreeblogger(at)gmail(dot)com for inclusion in the event. I have this email set up exclusively for the event and it is easiest to simply check all the entries there rather than chasing down comments. In this case (since your photo got deleted) I will now include the link. I didn't see an email from you in my inbox, but I'm sorry if I overlooked it or it got filtered. Thanks for participating!


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