June 30, 2009


Breakfast Food - What’s for Dinner Wednesday

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Welcome! I hope you find some useful gluten-free dinner ideas here, and I would love for you to contribute your own. You don't have to tell us what you're actually having for dinner on Wednesday. The carnival just takes place on Wednesday. Any gluten-free dinner idea is welcome. If you haven’t participated before, you can read the guidelines here.

I haven’t been feeling great recently, so I really don’t have any good dinner ideas to share from the past week. The good news is that I think I’m over a cold and sore throat I was fighting, and I found a doctor who practices integrative medicine. I am hopeful that the medication she prescribed along with vitamins will help with some adrenal fatigue I have been experiencing.

Some of our favorite dinners are breakfast dinners. Everyone enjoys the food, and generally it’s a pretty easy, inexpensive meal to fix. For this week I thought I would list some breakfast recipes and ideas that could be enjoyed at dinner time. We like varying combinations of the following.

Gluten-Free Breakfast Foodbelgian waffle

Those are the items we have most often for a breakfast dinner, but there are plenty more options. Certain foods I prefer to have only for breakfast such as oatmeal or muffins. How about you? Do you eat breakfast for dinner sometimes? What are your favorite choices?

Next week: Let’s try a dessert edition, but as always, we’ll be happy with anything.

1. Jessie (beach food)
2. Gluten Free Portland (Trader Joe's Mini Tacos)
3. Gluten Free Taste of Home (busy day soup)
4. Amy (Meatballs with Veggie Sauce & Peas)
5. Cheryl (Sausage and Navy Beans)
6. Brenna Kater, Oceanskater (Garbanzo Flour Pancakes)
7. The W.H.O.L.E. Gang (Monthly Menu with recipe links)
8. Rachel (Breakfast Tacos)
9. Brian (Omelettes)

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I have not been feeling "normal" lately either, but for different reasons. We have been kicking it in the great outdoors so my post is also a different kind of dinner. We do love pancakes or waffles for dinner on occasion and my sister and her husband have been putting everything under the sun in their crepes!
I got mine up super-early this week. It's Trader Joe's Mini Tacos. I like your idea of doing desserts next week. I'll try to come up with something good. Thanks as always for hosting this! Hope you feel better soon.
I love breakfast for dinner! My all time favorite is poached eggs in a curried tomato sauce. I am excited to see what every brings for dessert next week.

So sorry your feeling under the weather. Sure hope you feel better soon.
I hope you feel much better soon. I love breakfast for dinner. And waffles are such a comfort food!
Linda, feel better soon! Great idea for today :)
Wow. If going gluten-free means I can eat things like these for breakfast everyday then I guess I'll be following my doctor's instructions from now on! Thanks!
Sorry you've been under the weather Linda! Hope you're back up to fighting strength soon. Sometimes breakfast for dinner is all I can manage (or crave) so this was a perfect topic.
Sometimes breakfast makes the perfect dinner. It's usually quick, easy, and filling. Hope you're feeling better.

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