May 4, 2009


Woman’s Day Month of Menus

Woman’s Day magazine publishes a monthly menu plan which is also available online. Although it’s not a gluten-free menu, many of the meals can easily be made gluten free.  If you need ideas, this page has menus and corresponding shopping lists going back to January of 2008. 

A couple of features I like about their menus are Meatless Monday (self explanatory) and Planned Leftovers (On Sundays, you cook extra meat which is then used in a different way on Tuesday.) While recipes are not provided for every aspect of each meal, there is a recipe or instructions for part of it. The rest is easy to figure out. For example, the menu for May 16 is mustard-glazed salmon, rice pilaf, and asparagus. A recipe for the mustard glaze is provided with instructions to spoon over salmon filets and bake. You are on your own in making the rice pilaf and asparagus.

Take a look, Woman's Day Month of Menus might inspire you!


I love taking someone's meal and adjusting it to be gluten-free. I see it as a challenge.

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