May 11, 2009


Uno Chicago Grill Now Offers Gluten-Free Veggie Pizza

For Mother’s Day we had a late lunch at Uno Chicago Grill. Even though I wasn’t thrilled with their gluten-free pizza the last time I tried it, I decided to give it a second chance. I was surprised when I saw a third option on their menu—veggie pizza. The first time I got plain cheese and thought I would try the pepperoni this time, but the veggie option sounded better.

The gluten-free veggie pizza comes with onions, mushrooms, and peppers. When I asked the waitress about the peppers, she said they use red and green peppers. I asked her to hold the green peppers, however, my pizza arrived without any peppers. It also arrived barely warm. I think they heated it and then it sat for a while while the other meals were still cooking. Being incredibly hungry, though, I didn’t bother sending the pizza back.

I found the veggies gave the pizza more flavor, making it more likeable than the cheese pizza. Unfortunately, I was more disappointed in the crust than the first time. It completely fell apart. Not only did it break vertically, but it came apart in layers horizontally (if that makes sense). It’s a good thing I was so hungry, because I didn’t really care. I just enjoyed the veggie flavors, my family, and the ease of eating out.

Happy Mother’s Day (belated) to all you wonderful moms!


I had the veggie pizza at Uno's this past week as well. My only complaint is that they are very sparse with their cheese. All the other pizzas at our table were oozing with rich, golden brown cheese and mine had a scant, barely detectable amount. My crust, too, fell apart as I ate it. However, it sure is nice to go out to eat!
Hello there sweet Linda!I am back.Hope you had a great Mothers Day!I am going to try this pizza! Sounds good!
I also tried Uno's GF pizzas for the first time last week. I was grateful to be able to have a pizza out at a restaurant, but I was also underwhelmed. Mine was also cold and could have used more cheese. I found that the crust fell apart more as it got colder (first slice was OK, last slice was crumbly). Maybe next time I will ask them to pile on the cheese and keep it hotter!
We don't have an Uno's here... and from the sounds of it I'm not missing much. I'll just stick to making pizza at home where I know what I'm getting when I "order." Thanks for the review and I'm glad you had a nice Mother's Day out with your family.
I've been to Uno's twice now for their GF pepperoni pizza and it was great both times. I've found that it's best to ask for the pizza well done/extra crispy. By getting it well done, the crust shouldn't fall apart and is crispy with a subtle buttery flavor which you don't get if the crust is undercooked.
We, too, went to Uno's for Mother's Day. I had heard the veggie pizza was a little soggy, so I ordered the pepperoni instead. I was very disappointed. Like the comments above, it was fairly cold and fell apart as I tried to get a slice to my plate. And like you, Linda, I was so hungry I ate it all. :o) I'm glad that they're trying to accommodate the gluten-free diet, but I think they need to work on quality control.

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