May 19, 2009


The Store Bought Dinner – What’s for Dinner Wednesday

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As you know, the past week has been intensely busy for me. We ended up starting a number of painting projects in the house that I hadn’t really planned on doing before the graduation party.  Once started, however, they had to be completed. That meant lots of easy dinners for us.

I have become quite good at putting together quick dinners and making do with what we have in the refrigerator, freezer, and pantry. Sometimes, though, I don’t feel like cooking at all. On those days, I turn to grocery store fast food and purchase my stand-by no-cook meal. It includes a rotisserie chicken, potato salad, and bagged green salad.

Of course, when you’re on a gluten-free diet, you have to be careful about purchasing these products. The most important thing is to read labels. Sometimes that’s tricky with the rotisserie chickens, because the ingredients can be on the bottom of the container, but do whatever you have to in order to check the ingredients. I usually stick with a plain, unflavored chicken. Some of the flavored ones are okay, but they are much more likely to contain gluten than the plain ones.

Potato salad is often gluten-free. Remember, any wheat has to be declared and that’s the most likely offending ingredient. I don’t think you would find rye, but always keep an eye out for barley.

A green salad is pretty easy, but remember some bags come with croutons, and make sure you grab a gluten-free salad dressing.

I’m sorry I don’t have a picture for you this week. I was too busy for that. Now, I need some yummy dinner ideas for this week. Please join us by adding your link to a gluten-free dinner idea. If this is your first time participating, you can read the guidelines here.

Remember: It doesn’t have to be Wednesday’s actual dinner.

1. WendyGK(Savory Crepes)
2. Rachel (Goulash)
3. The W.H.O.L.E. Gang - Pesto Shrimp on Polenta Portobellos
4. Jessie (Easy Noodle Dish)
5. Brian (Chicken Noodle Soup)
6. Gluten Free Portland (Fried Rice)

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Sounds like a busy and happy week at your house.
I do the rotisserie chicken and salad dinner pretty regularly as well. I found that the chickens at the natural food store (New Seasons here) are more likely to be gluten-free. Potato salad is tricky: it can often contain modified food starch, a hidden gluten. What I like most about this dinner is that I almost always have leftovers!
Great minds think alike! I did this very same thing from Albertsons (plain, chicken) for a "moving party". I like the fact that it is gf disguised :) Costco's rotisserie is gluten free at present.
Good for you! When your busy, even for great events, you're busy and need a hand. I'm so glad you found quick food at the grocery store that works for you. I have to confess, my quick food item is Five Guys Burger and Fries French Fries. They are sooooo good. I'm soooo bad, but really good at that.
I kept meaning to participate in this event and finally got it together. Thanks for hosting it!
Quick and easy is always the best.

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