May 5, 2009


Starbucks Gluten-Free Cake is Here!

Valencia Orange Cake in package


Today is the day Starbucks begins offering their gluten-free Valencia Orange Cake.  The kind people at Starbucks sent me a gift card so I could try it out, and I did.  The verdict: It is very good!


Valencia Orange Cake

As the name implies, the cake has a nice orange flavor. It was very moist and had a pleasant texture. There was no gritty feel to it. Two of my kids had a taste and liked it. One particularly liked the orange flavor, but thought the cake was a bit too moist and felt mushy in his mouth. Being that the first ingredient is eggs, I did notice a slight eggy taste, but I didn’t mind. While it does have plenty of calories and sugar to go along with its great flavor, I’m glad it at least has 9 grams of protein.

The cake is a terrific tasty treat, and I (along with the gluten-free community) am grateful to Starbucks for making it available.  If you haven’t tried it yet, you should. Not only will you enjoy eating it, but you will be letting Starbucks know they made a good move.

Nutrition Facts: Ingredients:
Calories – 290 Whole eggs
Total Fat – 16 g Valencia Orange Pulp
Saturated Fat – 2 g Almonds
Trans Fat – 0 g Sugar
Sodium – 40 mg Orange Peel
Carbohydrate  – 32 g
Dietary Fiber – 4 g
Sugars – 23 g
GF Baking Powder (sodium phosphate, sodium bicarbonate, rice flour)
Protein – 9 g  


Linda this looks so good.Thanks for sharing!Blessings, Faye
That's so great that it's dairy free! I looked for it at Starbucks on Sunday, but didn't see it.
Yes but I'm mad a Starbucks for their awful "new" (about a year old) image on the cup. Try explaining the Goddess of Fertility with her split mermaid fins and her long hair that barely covers her...oops.. no top... to a 7 year old who is altogether TOO observant! Okay, I'm off my soapbox. SORRY! :) I do love coffee I just hate hiding my cup!
Thanks for posting this! We have yet to see these cakes in my neck of the woods (or I'm just not staking out starbucks like I used too), but these look absolutely delcious and I can't wait!!

..You hear that, Starbucks? I have a GF blog...send ME a gift certificate, too :)

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