April 18, 2009


Celiac Disease Vaccine Trial

By now you may have already heard this news. In Australia, Dr. Bob Anderson is working on developing a celiac disease vaccine, and a phase one trial is being conducted.

Dr. Anderson said,

"The vaccine itself is intended to gradually desensitize the coeliac sufferer, so that gluten is tolerated. Consequently, the villi in the small intestine should revive and absorb nutrients in the normal way. Ideally, that would mean the end of gluten-free diets for people with coeliac disease."

You can read more about it at Medical News Today.

I have mixed feelings about this vaccine, but since trials are only beginning, it’s not something that needs to be sorted out right now. If you have any thoughts on it, leave a comment and let me know.


In general i believe vaccines are dangerous. There may be a few exceptions.

There are indications that the rapid rise in allergies, particularly to peanuts, soy, milk, & other common allergies are related to the vaccines. (It is common for proteins or oils from these food items to be present in vaccines.)

While a vaccine sounds like good science, recent releases of research show that much of what passes as "medical science" these days is tainted by conflict of interest (money).
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I agree with Kathryn. No better way to muck up a doody sandwich....
If you already have a jacked up immune system it may not be a great idea to inject yourself with things that may further impair it. I'd rather stick with my Celiac complications and eat gf the rest of my life.
I'm a Celiac carrier, and honestly, I rather enjoy having it. It keeps me fit, by limiting the carbohydrate intake, and it makes me feel unique and special in my own way. I was diagnosed in 1985 at the age of 3.

I think that given the chance to be vaccinated, I wouldn't take it. Great article, though.

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