March 1, 2009


What is Your Gluten-Free Story?

Today I’m asking all of you, my readers, to write something for me! I would like to get to know you better, to hear your story, and find out how I can help you more. I would also like for all of you to get to know each other a little bit and learn from each other. Here is what I propose.

You tell me about yourself and/or your family by sending me an email with the following kind of information:

I will excitedly receive your emails and read them thoroughly. I will then choose some (depending on how many I receive) that I will write about and post on my blog as an introduction to that particular person or family (using first names only). Pictures would be welcome. If you are a blog author, I would include that information also. I would love for this to become an ongoing weekly feature to my blog.

Please email your gluten-free story to me by clicking on the link in this sentence, or using the “Contact” button at the top of the page. I look forward to hearing from you!


Hmm,,u seem to have a lot of time out there to read through other peoples mails of their lives. Anyways, i think that would be interesting to know what everyone is upto elsewhere in the world. would shoot a mail to you tomorrow.
Well, I didn't say when I would read them. :)
What a great idea. I can't wait to hear what's on people's minds. I hope you get a lot of responses but enough to handle.
I think it really helps when people know they are not alone. What I nice idea to share different stories.
No one in my family has celiac or is gluten free. I was told many years ago that I had wheat sensitivity. I tried to be wheat free at that time, but it was difficult at best and I gave up. Fast forward to this year, I was only eating a bit of gluten product per day, mostly at breakfast. If I ate gluten in the afternoon, I gained several pounds back. I continued eating gluten (1/2 bagel) for breakfast, and then came the day where I had a few slices of bread in the afternoon. I was craving sugar, bloated and gassy. I have had digestive issues off/on for years, but back on for 2009. I went to my Dr., who told me that I was very low on Vitamin D. I have an auto immune disorder (Graves Disease), and the pieces began clicking. I went home, finished the last package of fettucine, and started eating gluten free the very next day. Digestive problems are gone. Last year, I caught every bug in town; it's been suggested that this year I may be much healthier.

Thanks for listening!


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