March 9, 2009


Mikki’s Story

Mikki Mikki, a wife, mother, and high school teacher formed a weight loss group with some friends. She did everything right. She ate well and exercised, but instead of losing weight she gained it. She also became very tired and sluggish. She says,

“I was SO tired. The tired-ness started affecting my work habits, my dress, my attention span, everything.”

Next, Mikki got a headache. A bad headache that she tried relieving with a glass of wine not knowing that the tannins in the wine would make it worse.

“The pain in my head exploded exponentially, and I ended up in the urgent care, thrashing in the worst agony I had ever felt. I missed 2 days of work before it faded back to a steady ache. I had that headache for 2 weeks before I dragged myself to a doctor.”

Mikki finally did see a doctor who said, "You look allergic." Mikki writes,

“Those three words changed my life forever. He took me off of all wheat, corn, and dairy products, as well as all artificial flavors and preservatives. It would clean out my system, he said. You’ll lose some weight this week, he said, and that’s ok. Just be sure to keep eating balanced meals.”

The doctor then had some tests done and told her to return in two weeks. Those test came back negative, and the doctor suspected a dietary problem. He had her eat wheat again which she did for two days. Her awful symptoms came back immediately. The doctor then ran a blood test for celiac disease. The result was positive. Very positive.

Knowing nothing about celiac disease and no one who had it, Mikki began researching. She then purged her pantry and began the task of learning to shop for gluten-free groceries. Before long she was cooking with confidence and then became comfortable enough to start experimenting.

You can read more about Mikki’s experiences at her blog Here's What Let's Do. I have summarized her story, but you will enjoy reading it in her own words here.

Last week I asked you to tell me your gluten-free story. I need a new one for next week, so take a few minutes this week to send me your story. You can email it to me here.


This is a very interesting story. It's very different from most that I've heard, but just today I learned that an old friend of mine has celiac and also gets migrains from eating wheat. I have never experienced this symptom, but it just goes to show how varied the symptoms can be. Even though some of her symptoms are different than mine, Mikki's story is still very familiar - the mysterious symptoms, weight gain, lethargy, the food elimination diet, the sudden progress when wheat was eliminated. Thanks for sharing!

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