March 17, 2009


Corn Chex Are NOT Gluten-Free

Please read my Chex update here.

When General Mills reformulated Rice Chex to make it gluten-free, we all rejoiced. Now, word has been passed on Twitter that Corn Chex, as well as other Chex varieties, are now gluten-free. I even retweeted the information. Then I read a blog post saying that the author spoke with General Mills and confirmed the reformulations.

I thought it was odd that I had not seen a press release about this and that the General Mills web site still only claimed Rice Chex to be gluten-free. Therefore, I called the number given at the Chex website. I was told that only Rice Chex are gluten-free, that any gluten-free products will be labeled, and that there are currently no Chex cereals other than Rice Chex which are labeled as gluten-free.

The person I spoke to was aware of the information being passed around on the Internet and told me the information was incorrect. When I asked if the company was working on reformulating other Chex cereals, she said she was not privy to that information.

Now, I admit it is possible, though unlikely, that the person I spoke to had not yet been informed of a change. The point is to be careful and always read labels. If I read an official statement from General Mills or see information on their web site contrary to what I have stated here, I’ll definitely pass it on. I would certainly be happy to have more gluten-free options available in the cereal isle of regular grocery stores.

You can read follow-up information to this post here.


Not that I'm a conspiracy theorist...or a foolish dreamer...but do you think it's possible that they are test-marketing somewhere, and that's how it got on blogs/twitter? I mean, it would be cool...but of course I'll only believe it when I see it...

Thanks for the post!
Emily, After a brief chat on Twitter today, I think you could be right about the test market. If that's the case, let's hope it goes well.
keep us posted - us, to the North are still waiting on the General Mills GF Rice Chex :-I
This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.
The rumours are true. I found new Corn Chex boxes clearly marked Gluten-Free today at my local Walmart.
Perhaps the gluten-free varieties are not yet available nationwide. I, too, saw Corn Chex boxes with "Gluten-Free" in large letters on the front of the box at Wegmans this week. They didn't have GF versions of Honey Nut and Strawberry Chex, but I'll be watching for them!
See my follow-up post on this. The new gluten-free cereals will be widely available June 1. I have found Corn and Honey Nut boxes marked gluten free.

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