March 26, 2009


7 Things You May Not Know About Me


  1. I have lots of hair! (My mom tried everything to keep it down.)
  2. I love the snow and hate being hot.
  3. My husband proposed to me on a mountain top, in the snow.
  4. I have two autoimmune diseases: celiac disease AND Hashimoto’s thyroid disease.
  5. I hate lima beans. Always have, always will.
  6. I share my birthday with Nancy Reagan, Merv Griffin, Sylvester Stallone, and George W. Bush (Listed in order of birth year. I’m the youngest.)
  7. I taught 4th grade before having my own kids.

Thanks to Diane at The W.H.O.L.E. Gang for tagging me. The 7 people I am tagging are:

The rules are simple. Link to your original tagger and list these rules in your post. Simply share seven facts about yourself in the post. Tag seven people at the end of your post and let them know they’ve been tagged. And have fun!


From other folks i know with gluten sensitivities, i think it is not uncommon for celiac & Hashimoto's to go hand in hand. I don't like being hot, but i'm more moderate. Cold gets to me quickly & i have trouble functioning.

I don't think i've got celiac. (We'll never know for sure 'cause i was doing a candida cleanse & when i tried to reintroduce breads i got sick. I'll never be able to be on the stuff long enough to be tested.) I definitely have sensitivities.

Thanks for your site. So much info that is helpful. I found you thru the blog party.
Love the baby pic with the hair. I need to come up with 7 people to tag. You already tagged a few of my favorites.
I don't know if I even know 7 bloggers! Lol! :) Guess that's the point right. I will do mine this weekend when I get a second while someone is sitting on my 2yr old (probably literally). Come on over for fresh snow.
I hate lima beans too.
I'm with you on the lima beans. My husband has the same thyroid issue and it's reversing with whole food treatments and Dr. Kim's guidance.
What a post huh? LOL.
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