February 16, 2009


Uno’s Gluten-Free Pizza Review

“I’ll have the gluten-free pizza.” It is wonderful to go to a restaurant and be able to say those words. I went to Uno’s Chicago Bar & Grill last evening with my husband and youngest son, and I said those words for the first time.

The 10 inch thin crust pizza came served on a plate. My first attempt to pick up a slice resulted in a piece of crust breaking off. My impression of the first several bites was that it tasted doughy, even though it didn’t feel doughy. That taste seemed to go away, but maybe I just got used to it.

The crust is very thin and rather plain. It reminded me of a saltine cracker but not that salty or dry. The sauce was pretty good. I ordered a plain cheese pizza. There was an adequate amount of cheese, but not a lot.

My husband and son, who both eat gluten, tried a bite of the pizza and a piece of the outer crust. They were not impressed. In fact, both immediately said that I should either sell my pizza crust to a restaurant or open my own restaurant.

The bottom line is that in our opinion, gluten-free pizza can taste much better and does at our house. However, the pizza wasn’t bad. I did eat it. The thing I liked most was the experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to order gluten-free pizza at a restaurant. I’m grateful for that opportunity, and I know that many people greatly enjoy the gluten-free pizza at Uno’s. Thank you Uno’s for how you are serving the gluten-free community!


I really enjoyed Uno's pizza. I will definitely agree with you that they're a bit topping shy, though.

If your pizza is that much better than theirs, though, I am definitely going to have to find your recipe. I'm really craving a Hawaiian or a veggie lover's or something. Yum.
I linked to my recipe in the post or you can find it in the recipe index under main dishes.

Mine is a thicker crust which we prefer, but it can be stretched to make more pizza with a thinner crust.

I don't dislike thin crust pizza altogether, so that's not the thinking behind my review.
I'm so impressed at the number of restaurants that are trying to accomodate those on restricted or special diets. I wonder if their recipe will improve over time. It's so fun to get to "visit" the blogs from Bloggy Carnival now that I have time and can read and post.
I read other reviews saying the UNO pizza tastes much better with the pepperoni topping. I haven't tried it yet. I gave up on trying store bought pizza crusts. We just make English muffins pizzas (foods by george english muffins) and add hormel pepperoni or pineapple. I like this way better than the George individual premade pizzas, which seems to be lacking in sauce.
Personally, I think Uno's has gone down in quality over the years. When I was first married that was one of our favorite places to eat. We went there last summer and I was not impressed at all! Good for them for trying to accommodate gluten free patrons, but perhaps they need a better recipe!
I haven't tried Uno's but I did try Z Pizza this week. It too has a really thin crispy crust, kinda like a cracker, but I loved it.
I missed being able to go and get a pizza because I don't want to cook, and just veg out with it like a "normal" girl. Without the hassel of making it myself.
Plus, at ZPizza I was allowed to get lot's of different toppings. I had spinach, red onion, and mushrooms.
The last piece was good left over today. Or maybe I just really wanted it to be. : )

I like your site. Thanks for sharing.

I had no idea that Uno's offers a gluten-free option. Even if it's not great, I applaud the effort. The best gluten-free pizza I've ever had is at Risotteria on Bleeker Street in NYC. It's thin crust, crisp, and the cheese and sauce are authentic NY style. I also had pizza at a restaurant whose name escapes me in the Kings Cross neighborhood of Sydney, Australia. I'm happy to have found your blog! Thanks for finding me on Twitter.
Hi Linda,

As someone who doesn't do well with gluten but loves pizza, I think it's great that more places are offering gluten free options. I just recently found out about Uno's gluten free pizza and tried it for the first time last week. Overall, I was impressed! Here's my in depth review of it.
Gino's Pizza in Toledo and Maumee, Ohio is amazing, and they deliver! I've had their pizza quite a few times now and it's never gotten me sick, and my friends all agree that it practically tastes like a "normal" pizza. Erbelli's in Kalamazoo, Michigan also has gluten free pizza, but the crust is more pancake-like than pizza crust. If you want their info feel free to email me

minette08 AT sbcglobal DOT net

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