February 14, 2009


Surfing Saturday 2/14/09

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone.  I do love my readers you know.  I especially love it when you leave comments.  It lets me get to know you a bit, and lets me know what posts you enjoy the most.

Here are a few links for your web surfing pleasure this weekend. 

Once again, Dana at Gluten Free in Cleveland has a delicious looking recipe—Orange Almond Pound Cake.  I haven’t tried it yet, but I want to soon.

Cooking By Numbers is a site that lets you mark off what items you have in your frig and cabinets, then it gives you recipes.  I know there are similar sites, but I thought this one might be less well known.

Reader's Digest has 175 uses for vinegar around the house.

Since I love dogs….

There are some really cute puppy/dog pictures here.

I Do Dog Tricks has a video of a dog sitting on the floor.  You type in a command, and the dog does the trick.



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