January 27, 2009


Starbucks Considers Gluten-Free Options

According to their Ideas in Action Blog, Starbucks is offering gluten-free food options in a few select stores as a test.  Before moving forward, they are asking for feedback and have some specific questions they would like answered.  You must sign in to leave a comment, but if you frequent Starbucks it might be worth your time to let them know your opinion.  Personally, I rarely visit Starbucks, but some gluten-free food items might lure me in a little more often.  Regardless, I’m glad they’re doing this.  If they offer gluten-free food nationwide, it will be a great benefit to the growing gluten-free community.


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I have a friend who discovered last year that she had to go 100% gluten free. i'm going to forward her your blog. great job!

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