January 2, 2009


Pamela’s Bread Mix Name Change

I do almost all my baking from scratch.  The one exception is using Pamela’s Bread Mix.  I make some bread from scratch, but I haven’t made any that is as good as Pamela’s.  The mix makes a beautiful, well rounded, soft and moist loaf of gluten-free bread, and it stays soft for days.  For those of you who also enjoy using Pamela’s Bread Mix, I thought you might be interested in this announcement.

Pamela’s has changed the name of their popular bread mix from Pamela’s Wheat-Free Bread Mix to Pamela’s Gluten-Free Bread Mix.  Nothing has changed about the ingredients.  Wheat-free was originally used because the term gluten-free was not well known.  Now that it is well known, and many more people are on a gluten-free diet, the name change will be helpful.  For more information visit Pamela's Products.  On the left side of the page click on Announcements & PR, then click on Pamela’s Gluten-Free Bread Mix Name Change – 2008.


Thanks for the review. We love Pamela's pancake mix. We haven't done bread for a long time and I'm looking for something for this summers tomato season. Another good mix is 1-2-3 Gluten Free biscuit mix. It made large, soft, fluffy biscuits that were excellent as a pot pie topping.

Love your blog and I can't wait to try the cinnamon roll recipe. I have to order the sorghum from Amazon and I think I'll splurge on some really great cinnamon. Thanks again.
I hear so many great things about Pamela's stuff, I have to start trying them.
I also really like Pamela's Bread mix. You can order it in bulk from Amazon (6 bags at a time) for about $3.50 a bag.
I'd been using Pamela's for over a year and thrilled with the results until the last couple of months, when the mixes smell funny right out of the bag and the finished product tastes stale right out of the oven! I'm wondering if they got so big they changed their manufacturing protocol or something.
I would contact the company. I did that with another product recently and they said they had one bad batch that went to stores. They sent me a free replacement.
Hi Linda do you bake pamela's in the bread maker or in the oven? I would like to know how to set my Zo mashine... the seting I use is wrong ..I do not get it .Please help!
I use the rapid white bread setting on my machine which is a little over 2 hours total time. I hope you get it to turn out for you.
Has anyone had success using Pamelas bread mix, using a bread machine, WITHOUT eggs

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