January 27, 2009


My Electric Teapot

One of my favorite small kitchen appliances is my electric teapot (kettle).  I keep it on the counter and use it daily.  It’s not that I’m a big tea drinker.  Sometimes I am, but I go through phases with it.  It’s that the pot is very efficient at heating water for anything. 


It’s great for drinks like tea or hot chocolate.  I especially like the fact that it’s easy for the kids to use. 

It’s great for cooking.  I always use it to heat part of the water for cooking pasta.  I also use it to get other foods started faster, like when steaming vegetables or cooking potatoes.  I often heat some water at the beginning of getting dinner started so I have it ready.

The pot I have is cordless.  The base has  a short cord, but the pot itself simply sits on the base and does not have a cord.  It holds up to 7 cups and heats the water at about 1 minute per cup.  There are different brands and styles of electric kettles to choose from.  If you’re in the market for one, I think the cordless feature is definitely worth getting.

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