January 12, 2009


Gluten-Free Grain Nutrition Facts

Periodically I like looking over the nutritional information of various grains. It reminds me that variety is always a good thing, and sometimes it encourages me to try something new. I included wheat (which is not gluten-free) for comparison sake. This is a basic chart which does not include vitamin facts. I’ll provide links below where you can find that information.

Amaranth1823.25 10.2532.254.57
Brown rice1711.253.2535.751.53.75
Wheat (not GF!)1581132.755.757.5

I compiled this table from information at recipetips.com. The amounts given are for 1/4 cup of dry grain.

More comprehensive information can be found from a PDF file, New Horizons for Whole Grains and the Gluten-Free Diet, by Carol Fenster and Shelley Case. At Nutrition Analyser you can click on an individual grain and get a long list of nutritional information.

What are your favorite gluten-free grains?


This is really helpful information. I find the nutritional facts of Amaranth to be the most interesting. I love charts! Thanks for the post.
Thank you for this information. My daughter is on a gluten free diet and we visit your blog often.

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