January 7, 2009


Free Blogging Software

I might be behind the times on this one, but I only recently found Windows Live Writer. I haven’t been using it for long, but so far I have found it to be very useful. It’s a free download that allows you to compose blog posts from your desktop. You can easily insert photos, links, tables, etc. I particularly like the way I can easily move and resize pictures, as well as add various borders to them. You can preview your post which shows you how it will look on your actual web page. I have found that the Blogger preview is not truly accurate, maybe because I have changed my template. You can save posts to your blog as drafts, or publish them directly from the program.

There are also plug-ins which I haven’t taken advantage of yet. They include Flickr upload, Digg This, and Twitter notify. The Twitter notify automatically makes a tinyURL and sends a tweet about your new blog post.

I have only highlighted some of the features. Windows Live Writer works with Blogger, Wordpress, Type Pad, and more, so go check it out. It might make your life a little bit easier!

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Well thank you so very much! :)
I shall try it.
This looks great! Thank you for sharing. :)
Wow! Great! Thank you for sharing!
I've never heard of this. Thank you, I'm going to give it a try.
Thanks! I'm going to try this.
I just started using it about 2 weeks ago. I LOVE it!

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