December 17, 2008


Starfish Battered Fish Now Gluten-Free

According to a press release which you can read at Market Watch, Starfish has developed a line of gluten-free battered fish. A quote from the press release states:
The response from consumers has been enthusiastic, with many Starfish consumers preferring the gluten-free Starfish crispy battered products to the conventional wheat-based batters.

Starfish's gluten-free crispy battered products are available nationally at Whole Foods and numerous independent grocers..
I think this is pretty exciting news. It will probably be a big hit with kids who have celiac disease or eat gluten free for other reasons. Although battered fish isn't something I would eat often, it might be nice to have on occasion.

My concern right now is cross contamination. I was unable to find information regarding the processing of this product and what precautions are taken to prevent cross contamination. I wonder if they put a statement on the package. If any of you find more information, please let me know.

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I haven't tried Starfish, but I have tried Ians gluten free fish sticks. I'm a grown up who loves a good fish stick, as well as a good piece of battered fish. I'll look for Starfish soon.
I've had the Cod and bought but haven't tried one of the others as well. They are really good! Unfortunately, I am asymptomatic so I can't say whether or not cross-contamination is an issue or not.

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