December 30, 2008


Spinach Dip

My kids are not spinach fans. Whose kids are? They will eat it raw in salads if there’s not too much, and cooked in one casserole they like. However, there is one spinach recipe that they ASK for. In fact, it’s my pickiest eater who asks for it the most. It’s spinach dip served with gluten free focaccia bread. I made it last week, but forgot to take a picture. I thought someone might be interested in trying it for a New Year’s Eve party, though, so the recipe is below. The focaccia bread recipe that I use is a modified version of Carol Fenster's Focaccia Bread. The recipe is very good as is, so give it a try if you need a bread to go with the dip. Just make sure the bread is completely cooled before cutting it up to serve with the dip. I have cut it too soon, and it ends up drying out.
Gluten-Free Spinach Dip Recipe
Cook the spinach and drain very well pressing the spinach against the colander to squeeze out some liquid. Combine with the remaining ingredients and refrigerate. Allow to chill at least 2 hours before serving.
For more spinach recipes, visit The W.H.O.L.E. Gang.

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Wow that is creamy. My husband would love it. I don't use any dairy in the house any more so I'll have to send him over for some dip!
This reminds me of a dip my mom made when we were growing up. i like the addition of the yogurt - that's what I'd do to lighten it up. You have such a gift for making good, solid food.

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