December 1, 2008


Cooking in a Hotel Room

I saw this how-to on my google homepage and decided to take a look. I've cooked in a hotel room a number of times. I've always used a microwave, though. Either one the hotel provided or one I brought with me. These ideas crack me up. I don't think I would try them unless I was desperate, but being celiac that could happen. What do you think?

How to Cook Food in a Hotel Room


Did you have a nice Thanksgiving? We had a great time in WV. I love your Christmas design! See you Sunday!
that's pretty funny! I actually take a rice cooker with us where ever we travel so i can make my own gluten free foods! You can make just about anything in a rice cooker!! ;-)
check out, the Carry-All Kitchen. A whole kit designed around food allergy and travel. Recipes and meal ideas on the site.

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