November 19, 2008


Uno Chicago Grill - Gluten-Free Pizza

Uno Chicago Grill is trying out the addition of gluten-free cheese and pepperoni pizza to their menu. It is currently being offered at restaurants in Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and parts of Massachusetts.

To read more about it, check out these articles at Digital City and Market Watch.

I'm interested in hearing about people's experiences at Uno Chicago Grill. I ate there once. I was very excited when I saw their list of gluten-free menu items. However, I did seem to have a reaction after eating there. It's been a while so I don't remember the details. I do remember thinking there was a lot of opportunity for cross contamination because of the types of food made there. That would make me hesitant to try their pizza. On the other hand, if they offered it in Maryland, I think I would overcome that hesitation to have pizza in a restaurant again. If I got sick, that would be the end, but I think I would have to try it.

What do the rest of you think? What kind of experience have you had eating there?


I would definately try it if there was one available to me. We have a small restaurant in my town that offers a gluten free pizza. I have heard it is good but pricey and the owners are quite rude. Many people say they do not return because of the service. I have yet to try it but I do crave a good pizza!
I think it's one thing for the ingredients to be gluten free, but if they are using the same wooden paddles and wooden or plastic utensils etc. for the gluten pizzas as the gluten free pizzas, I wouldn't eat there. It's best to ask!
I agree. I would certainly hope if they're offering gf pizza that they know enough to take some precautions to prevent cross contamination. We can't assume that, though. I'm hoping to hear some reports from people trying it out in the test locations.
Well I know of restaurants that call their french fries gluten free, but they fry them in the same fryer. (Red Robin for example) actually... I should check up on that one. I just know that when they brought me fries there, they didn't hand me a specific plate, they just handed me one of the plates that were mixed in with all the other plates of fries. I should call them and see if they actually have a specific fryer they use for only their fries.
The celiac disease and GF forum has a little discussion about the Uno's pizza. The verdict is that it tastes good! Here is an email response that someone received from the restaurant.
"We are testing this gluten free pizza in a limited area. We need to
make sure that the pizza is well received by our customers, that all
precautions are taken by our staff to prevent cross contamination. So
far the test is going very well and we hope to introduce the pizza in the rest of our restaurants by the beginning of next year."
At least we know they are aware of cross contamination.

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