November 18, 2008


Getting Plastic Wrap to Stick

I have a set of old Pyrex mixing bowls. Each bowl has its own color. They came from my grandmother, and maybe that's why I love using them. Sometimes I mix dry ingredients for muffins or cakes ahead of time and cover the bowl until I'm ready to mix it later. The problem is that plastic wrap doesn't seem to stick to these bowls well.

When that happens, I wet my fingers and then wipe them on the underside of the plastic wrap. Voila! The plastic wrap sticks to the bowl!

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Cool! Thanks for the tip. I've been using the Cling Wrap recently and that works so much better than regular Saran Wrap but it is more expensive, too.
Frustration IS the mother of invention or something like that :D
Thanks for this tip - nothing drives me more nutty than non-sticking wrap!

The best advice I have for getting wrap to stick is: buy Sam's Choice wrap. It sticks to everything! I have never had trouble getting it to stick to anything and its less expensive than name brands.
Oh!!! I can't get Saran wrap to stick to any bowl, plate or cup that I own. I can't believe how simple this is. Can't wait to try it.
I had to comment on your bowls - my mom has a similar set and they're wonderful! I see them occasionally at antique shops for $$$$, and I just shake my head. Thanks for the tip - I have trouble getting my wrap to stick, so I'm looking forward to trying this.

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