November 15, 2008


Eat Gluten-Free at Bonefish Grill

There is an Outback Steakhouse a couple of miles from my house, and I love having a restaurant with a gluten-free menu so close by. We don't go out to eat often, but when we do, it's usually Outback. Until recently.

I discovered Bonefish Grill, and they also have a gluten-menu. Unfortunately, I have to travel 30 - 40 minutes to get to the nearest one, but once in a while it's worth the drive. I've been there twice with my most recent visit being last night. I still like Outback, and it's certainly a good place to take the whole family. Bonefish Grill on the otherhand is a nice place for my husband and I to go. It has a nice atmosphere, good food, plenty of gluten-free choices (including TWO gluten-free desserts), and reasonable prices.

I'm sure most of you find this very boring, but I tend to get the same things when I go out to eat. I always get the salmon at Outback, and I have gotten salmon both times at Bonefish Grill. The first time I had grilled salmon with mango salsa. It was different, but great! This time I got a special which was salmon with spinach, gorgonzola cheese, and bacon pieces. The specials were not listed on the gluten-free menu so I had the waiter check on it. He informed me that it was gluten-free, and I wasn't surprised because nothing about the ingredients concerned me. It was very good, although I found it to be a bit too salty.

(Note: For information on the gluten-free status of gorgonzola and other blue cheeses, see this post.)

Items on the main menu are served with vegetables and a choice of a side dish. Three of the five side dishes are gluten free. The second time I wasn't too impressed with the vegetables. Apparently they didn't read my popcorn post explaining that corn is not a vegetable. :) My side of garlic whipped potatoes was very good though.

As I mentioned earlier, there are two gluten-free desserts. They have a flourless brownie (as does Outback) which I have not tried. Both times I have gotten the creme brulee and simply loved it. It has a nice thin crust on top with a great carmel flavor and the rest is so smooth and creamy. I just love the feel of it! It's probably a good thing I don't live close to the restaurant because I might go there all the time just for dessert. This time, the creme brulee was half covered with a big pile of whipped cream. I just moved it aside. Next time I'll ask them to hold it.
Bonefish Grill is located in 31 states. If you haven't gone to one yet, check their web site and see if there is one near you. Or maybe there is one in a location that you travel to. You can find their web site here. Click on Today's Menu and look on the right side for the menu download. Below that is listed other menus, including a gluten-free menu.

If you have gone to Bonefish Grill, I hope your experience was as good as mine. Let me know what menu items you like and maybe, just maybe, I'll try something other than salmon next time!


Red Robin and Claim Jumper also have gluten free menus. I ask at every restaurant that I go to and I am slowly adding to my list. :)

Just a heads up- I was told gorgonzola cheese was not gluten free, as it is a blue cheese and therefore made with bread. Is that true?
I don't care for blue cheese so I don't eat it. I think some is gf and some is not. I thought gorgonzola was OK. I'm still trying to find out more information and will let you know.

I know we shouldn't go on symptoms alone, but I have always been pretty sensitive and I had no problems at all with that dinner.
I think it's very nice, and good business, for a restaurant to offer special things on their menus. Otherwise, you'd never get to go out!
And you aren't boring for ordering the same things. I do, too. It's mostly because I rarely go out to eat, so I want to make sure I get something I'll enjoy!
BTW, thanks for stopping by my blog!
I haven't tried Bonefish yet because we don't have one near us. I have a link to them on my blog and am interested in checking them out sometime. I think I'll have to try the creme brulee.

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