October 22, 2008


Why I Don't Menu Plan

I have done menu planning before, and I will probably do it again. Right now, though, I don't do it. I have spent weeks thinking that I should get back to it, but I have finally decided that I'm not going to. At least not right now. Here's why.

It works for me.

I save money. I know that sounds backwards, but for me it's true.
So now you know. And since my secret is out, I can be free to say, "I don't menu plan!" and not feel guilty about it. Do you menu plan?


I don't menu plan either, I never know when to count on leftovers, and if I menu plan I end up with tons of un-eaten leftovers. plus Dh likes to bring home a pizza now & then. if I havn't spent time and money by planning something else,I'm less likely to grumble at this blessing.

Mrs Nehemiah
I don't, but I really think I should. I a glad not planning works for you though : ). YAY! Whatever is less stressful is the way to go!
i use it to try new recipes, but since mr. right likes the tried and true ones, i could probably save more time doing it your way!
hmmm, such good points. I've been trying to menu plan and I'm still stuck somewhere in between to do it or not to do it!
As a newcomer to the GF life style, (one month!) I have been thrown a little off track with my eating.(ya think? lol) I was thinking it would be a good thing to plan ahead with some menus, but since I never did in the past, I think it would just add more stress to an already sometimes stressful situation. Instead, I have started an always-have-on- hand list of ingredients...much the same as you do. That way I'll always have a meal ready to be prepared.
I do confess to running out a couple times a week for ingredients for the first couple weeks. I was so afraid of starving to death without grains, I over compensated by buying lots of unnecessary foods. Fortunately I'm now actually enjoying this new healthy way of eating. I'm also enjoying the wonderful blogs such as yours that I have found!
I am with you on this one. Neither my wife nor I typically "plan" a meal. Spontaneity yields new creations and better variety from our experience. And, like you said, you save money by using what you have around the house already.
I'm like you. I dont meal plan either. I shop sales and buy in bulk. I have a handy list of all the things I can make with what I have on hand but usually I just check the fridge to see what needs to be used up and cook accordingly. Saves money as less food gets wasted.
I think I'm somewhere in the middle.

My most effective "meal planning" method is to make a list of meals that I want to make and/or know I have the ingredients for, then when it's time to make dinner I take a look at my "short-list" and go from there.

I totally over-plan when I try to give each night of the week its own meal.
When I am in a jam for meal time and I don't want to go to the store... I have gone to allrecipes.com. There is a tool called "ingredient search" that lets you choose what ingredients you want to use and what ingredients you want to exclude in a recipe. - gia
How refreshing to see this post! I used to plan before kids. Now I look for what is organic at the store and then that's what we eat.
My energy is not predictable and a menu plan would be frustrating if not failure. My boys eat like breakfast for dinner, too.
I'm glad I'm not the only one.

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