October 15, 2008


Managing All Those Electronics Cords

This house is home to a mom with short hair (me), a dad, three boys, and two dogs. So why do I love ponytail holders? The old fashioned kind that has a ball (or other shape) on each end? They're great for wrapping around a folded up cord. I use these all the time. The picture below shows one wrapped around the cord (or is it a cable?) that connects my camera to the computer.

a cord wrapped with a ponytail holder

I find this type of ponytail holder to be much easier to use for this kind of job than a twisty tie, a rubber band, or plain circular ponytail holder. It's very quick and easy. You can use it for cords that don't stay in use all the time, or for shortening up a cord that is too long. Think of all those cords and cables you have in your house. I'm sure you could find lots of uses for some old fashioned ponytail holders. And for those of you who used them as a kid, it might give you a nice nostalgic feeling.

For more ideas about what works for people visit Rocks in My Dryer.


What a clever idea! And it's cute, too! :)
That is wonderful! I have all kinds of cords that this would work for. Thanks for the tip!
Great idea! Dd has a ton of ponytail holders and dh has a bunch of cords. LOL! :D

Thanks for the great tip!
Love it, love it! So convenient, I have a ton of those things.
Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog. That's a bummer that they don't keep records after 7th grade, but we were butting heads so bad over math, that this seemed to be one of our only options. If you say you still love it, then I'll take your word for it. The main thing was that I couldn't explain things as well.

I love your tip. I could never figure out how to use those silly ponytail holders.
Thanks for your comment on my blog! I hope you enjoy making broth in the crock pot!
Ooh la la! Tres chic. ;-)

Thanks for stopping by Bubba Bubbles! i'll have to go check out christiananswers

Cute idea. I haven't used one of these since I was a little girl so never would've thought to try it. Makes sense... if I find some on a clearance rack I might have to pick some up for myself, not just for the little girls I know :)
what a great idea! We've been using empty toilet paper rolls but this is much cuter and less gangly.
The new header looks so cute! Isn't it so much fun to use Scrapblog? Addicting!

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