October 8, 2008


A Couple of Blogging Tips

I have so appreciated the blogging tips I've gotten from Works for me Wednesday, so I thought I'd pass on a couple of tips myself. These tips are easy to implement and can be useful in directing traffic to your blog and keeping it there.

1. Label your pictures. Search engines don't know what a picture is unless you tell them. You can label your picture using key words to help them direct traffic to your blog. This tip also adds a pop up description when someone puts their cursor over the picture.

After composing a post, click on the Edit Html tab (in Blogger). Find where the picture code is and look for alt="". In between the quotation marks add your description. Next, highlight and copy from the equals sign to the last quotation mark. Now move to the end of the picture code and paste it right after border="0" but before />. Go to the beginning of what you just pasted and type the word title in front of the equals sign. That's it.

2. Have your links open in a new window. When you provide links, you are directing people away from your blog. Having the link open in a new window allows people to easily get back to your blog without using the back button.

Go to the edit Html tab. Find the code for the link. You will see href="web address">web address (or whatever you name it). Just after the second quotation mark and before the > enter:

A link to my site would look like this:

href="http://www.glutenfreehomemaker.com/"target="_blank">The Gluten Free Homemaker
I memorized these after using them a few times. However, I find that I forget to label pictures or don't always have time to, but sometimes I go back and do it later.

For more ideas visit Rocks in My Dryer -Works for Me Wednesday.



Great tips! Really. I know people often say "great tips" to have something to say, but I *really* like those. Looks like a weekend project for me. ;-)
I never thought about the label tag directing being a searchable item - but you are exactly right!! I've got a project!

Thanks so much,

My WFMW this week is Pack & Ship
I've been wanting to know how to get a new page open. Thank you!

I just checked out HTML for Dummies from the library. Thanks for saving me one more thing to look up :)
OOOOOH! I just did it and it works! Thank you!!!!:)
thanks, these are both valuable tips. for more-

Beware of the new window tip-
Here are the top 5 reasons why you should beware of opening links in a new window:

Unless you warn them, Web users are likely to expect the new page to load in the current window. Unexpected surprises can be fun, but not when you're browsing the Web.

The act of opening a new browser window resets the back button in that window. The back button is the second most used navigation function (after hyperlinks, source: useit.com), so resetting it is a big no-no.

To open a new browser window can disorient very novice Web users and the visually impaired. They might not realise that a new window has opened and might struggle to switch between windows.

Opening a new browser window disrespects the desires of your users. If they want a new window, they'll ask for one. Don't force a new window upon users unless there's a very good reason to do so.

New browser windows can make an already cluttered taskbar even more difficult to use. We've all spent ages hunting through the taskbar in search of the window we want. Don't make this process even harder by increasing the number of windows the user has open.
Ian, thanks for your comment. Those are certainly things to consider. Here's my response to your points.

I think that new windows are used often enough that most people are not surprised by it.

The back button in the original post still works.

I'm not real concerned about novice web users. They'll learn. The visually impaired is a concern. I'm going to ask my mother about that one.

Personally, I prefer to have a link open in a new window. Sure, I can use the middle mouse button, but I often forget. Most of the time I like being able to quickly get back to the original post.

I suppose it does add clutter, but personally that isn't an issue for me.

I'd love to hear what other readers think.

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