October 30, 2008


Celiac Disease Drug Gets Positive Results

There are currently two drugs that are being developed in the hope of helping people with celiac disease. The first, AT1001, is the drug that was used in the trial in which I participated in 2006. Trials are still ongoing and are conducted by Alba Therapeutics.

The second drug is ALV003 for which Alvine Pharmaceuticals is conducting trials. Yesterday there was a news update regarding this drug. Here are a couple of brief quotes.

"Alvine Pharmaceuticals, Inc., today announced proof of concept in a Phase
1 Trial of ALV003, an oral protease therapy in development to detoxify gluten,
intended for use by patients with celiac disease."

"Results from these studies support the use of ALV003 as a drug to be taken
with meals to address unintentional gluten exposure."

If you have celiac disease, I suggest you take a minute to read the entire article here:

Alvine Pharmaceuticals Reports Positive Results With ALV003


Very interesting. :) Thanks for sharing. I told Jon about this and he can't wait. He wants to get it so he can order a Pizza Hut pizza. I told him that I don't think the drug is intended to intentionally allow one to ingest a large amount of gluten. He said he would glady try. ;) LOL! I guess that is the response I expected from a 12 year old boy.
I don't think that is what this drug is intended for, but it is what AT1001 is intended for!
You don't have to be a 12-year-old boy to have that type of reaction. I'm a "mature" woman (OK, so I'm looking age 70 in the face!) and every once in a while I get an almost unbearable craving for a gluten-based treat. The last time was several weeks ago when we were eating out at an upscale buffet, and the woman at the table next to ours went up to the bakery section and came back with a beautiful cream puff. Even knowing I'd be sick for three or four days and would be doing unseen damage to my insides, I was almost ready to go up and get one for myself!

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