September 24, 2008


Organizing Your Earrings

First, I apologize for last week's faulty Works for Me Wednesday link. If you didn't find your way to it, and you're still interested in an easy, fun, dinner you can read it here.

earrings orgainzed on a belt
I like to sit and read magazines....while I'm waiting for kids at the orthodontist or dentist office. It's about the only time I read them, and there is usually enough selection that I can find something of interest. Recently I saw a magainze I wasn't familiar with--Ready Made. It had an idea for storing earrings that I decided to try.

Find a belt that has decorative holes in it. Hang the belt by the buckle and insert your earrings into the holes. I have the belt hanging on the wall next to my dresser. I can easily see my earring choices and quickly slip them off and on the belt.

The earrings in this picture were given to me as gifts from my husband. I told him what store sells the kind of earrings I like, then I showed him a pair I had and explained what I liked about them. He was then able to find a couple of racks with similar earrings and surprise me with something he chose. I think he did a great job.

For more great ideas visit Rocks in My Dryer's Works for Me Wednesday.



What a cool idea! And those lovely earrings look so pretty on that belt, your husband has good taste :)
That's a great idea! No more rummaging around in the jewelry box. Thanks.

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