September 15, 2008


Listening to Dr. Fasano

Because I live in the Washington, DC area, which is not far from where Dr. Alessio Fasano works in Baltimore, I have had the privilege of hearing him speak several times. It is always worthwhile. Yesterday afternoon I heard him speak at a Baltimore support group meeting. I took notes thinking that I would summarize what he said, but now I’m finding that hard to do. I will instead give you links to a few places where you can find information for yourself.

Dr. Fasano is the director of the University of Maryland Center for Celiac Research. For general information about celiac disease check their FAQ page. The link is on the left side. Dr. Fasano talked about other aspects of the center that you can also access from those links such as their mission and accomplishments.

Also on the left, but above those links is a red box. Take a look under research. I’ve been aware of the zonulin research and actually took part in a trial in 2006, but if you’re not aware of it take a look. What I hadn’t heard about was the infant nutrition and risk of celiac disease research. So far they have found that introducing gluten at 12 months of age versus 6 months does at least delay the onset of celiac disease.

If you go to the Children’s Digestive Health and Nutrition Foundation web site you will also find some useful information. This page contains a gluten free diet guide that you can download. If you click on the medical professionals link on the left side, you can access some of the slides that Dr. Fasano used as he spoke.

Finally take a look at the American Celiac Disease Alliance web site. They have interesting and useful information.



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