September 3, 2008


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I'm very new to blogging, and while I'm having a great time, I know I have lots of growing to do. I would like to know how I can improve my blog and how I can find people who would benefit from my blog (or help them find me). If you're a blogger, what do you do? Whether you are a blogger or not, what do you like and/or dislike about my blog? ANY input will be greatly appreciated. You can post your thoughts as a comment or send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you!

Today rocks in my dryer - works for me wednesday is hosting a backwards edition. Click on the link to help others answer their questions.


I think this link to Rocks in My Dryer's Blogging Basics is very helpful! Hope that helps!!!
I agree with Kim. Also, read some of Shannon's posts on blogging. She did a class this summer that I attended. All good info. Keep participating in the blog world... the more you are out there - the more you'll find people like you, who enjoy reading your blog and who will pass on the word!
Here is another great site that I link for blog advice:

In terms of traffic, if you comment often, post often, and participate in weekly meme's, you should draw some readers. Maybe you could also do a google search to find forums or other like minded blogs and as people to guest post, (or start visiting them regularly and commenting).

Best of luck to you. I think that you have a great blog!
I think it's vital to have good tags/labels. I think blogs need to be search-friendly. :)
IMO it also helps if they're a bit funny. C'mon, everybody like a good laugh now and then. If you're posting recipes, tell stories about them, you know? Like the time I posted shortbread but couldn't post a picture because everybody ate it too fast...
That's all great advice! I'm pretty new, too, so not much to add to their pointers. (I also refer to bloggingbasics A LOT.)

Wanted to say thanks for your night training tips at It's All for the Best... I'm taking all the advice being sent her way. :)

Also, my mom has recently been diagnosed with celiacs disease. Any good books/resources to recommend? (AND, is it just me, or isn't it a bit bizarre for this to be discovered when she's 48???)
It is not bizarre for anyone to be diagnosed with celiac disease at ANY age. It used to be considered a childhood disease, but not anymore. Some people have it for a long time before they are diagnosed, and some for some people it doesn't become active until late in life.

I recommend Gluten-Free Living for Dummies by Dana Korn and Gluten-Free Diet: A Comprehensive Resource Guide by Shelley Case. If she's looking for cookbooks, I particularly like Cooking Free by Carol Fenster. Also tell her to check the local library for books. Mine carries several cookbooks and informational books.
Thanks for posting this question! I was going to post the same question, but I was too late and the links were closed by the time I checked in.

I'm also new to this blogging thing. I'm having a blast, but I've been a little lost myself when it comes to building consistant friendships. Your site looks great, and you're really a great writer! Hopefully these other comments help you out, I know I'm going to check them out! :)

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