August 22, 2008


So Many Gluten-Free FLours

The number of different gluten-free flours we can use is amazing, but it can become overwhelming. Not only are there many individual flours, but there are so many different flour mixes, as well as mixes for muffins, breads, and other things. Here are some suggestions based on my experience.

1. Try out different flours and mixes to determine what you like.

When Bette Hagman introduced bean flours I thought is was wonderful. It gave baked goods more protein and had a better texture. The problem is that I don’t digest bean flour any better than I digest beans. Add to that the fact that my husband dislikes the taste of it and can taste it a mile away! So I stopped using bean flours.

I particularly like using sorghum so Carol Fenster’s sorghum flour blend appeals to me.

2. Decide on some basic flours that you want to use and have on hand.
flour cabinet
I use: white rice, brown rice, sweet rice, tapioca starch, potato starch, sorghum, corn flour, and corn starch. I sometimes pick up other flours to try out like the coconut flour in the picture.

3. Decide on a couple of flour mixes.  Keep them on hand and use them in any recipe, even if the author uses a different mix.

I use Bette Hagman’s basic mix for things like cake and cookies. I use Carol Fenster’s for breads. Sometimes I use half Bette’s mix and half Carol’s mix.  Some recipes I use simply have a list of ingredients and don’t use a mix.

4. Keep specific mixes on hand for things you use a lot (bread mix, cake mix, etc.).  Unless you have lots of storage space, you won't be able to store individual ingredients and lots of mixes.  Mixes can be a time saver, though.  You can save money by making your own mixes.  When I make pizza, I measure the crust ingredients twice.  Once into the mixing bowl, and once into a plastic container which I keep until the next time I make pizza.  Then I have a crust mix all ready to go.

I like to hear how you handle all those flours!

For more gluten-free recipes and tips visit Slightly Indulgent Tuesdays with a theme this week of Get the Gluten Out!


My cabinet looks a little like yours! I have plastic containers labeled with all the different flours.
We live overseas in Asia, so it's difficult for me to get mixes. I usually mix up a flour blend that my dd likes; brown rice flour, white rice flour, soy flour, tapioca starch and potato starch...I use this in all recipes that call for a "flour mix". It works well with Carol Fenster's bread recipes.
When we get back to the States, I'll have to try the sorghum flour...I've heard good things about it!

Thanks for posting GF ideas! It's very helpful!

Great post on flours! I too like to have a few mixes on hand. Right now I have an all-purpose flour mix and a pastry flour mix (which contains no brown rice flour). It's a good idea to also have another pre-mixed concoction on hand. I make corn waffles pretty regularly, so if I had the dry ingredients on hand it might save me some time.

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