August 21, 2008


Recycle Unused Hair Conditioner

I color my hair myself, and because my hair is short, I only use a fraction of the conditioner that is provided. It's very good conditioner, but I usually don't use it again after I color. Since I colored my hair just the other day, I had this tube of conditioner in the shower, and this morning I got a bright idea. Why not use it to shave my legs! I gave it a try and liked it very well on the first leg. On the second leg I decided to try a cheap conditioner to see how it compared. It didn't. I switched back pretty quickly. The good conditioner worked great and left my legs soft and smooth. Now I know what to do with those leftover tubes. If you don't have those extra tubes like I do, it might be worth comparing the cost of using a good conditioner versus shaving cream.

For more ideas, visit rocks in my dryer - works for me wednesday.


Great idea! :D
Now and then I have to change my conditioner. I use the old conditioner for shaving also! It works with any kind of conditioner.

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