October 1, 2008


Wrap Racks for Kitchen Storage

I have to admit that one of my weaknesses is buying organizational tools. I see a good organizer in the store, and I always stop to look at it longingly. I'm not super organized, I just like the things you use to get organized.

So for today's kitchen organization edition of Works for Me Wednesday, I thought I would write about wrap racks. For many years I have used these racks which are now hanging on my pantry door. The racks are made to be the right depth for storing boxes of foil and plastic wrap. I put some boxes in for this picture, but if you look closely you will see that my door won't close because the boxes would hit the shelf. In this house I use the racks to store packages of pasta like you see in the top rack. I also have a chip clip stuck on the top rack and a big plastic hook hanging off the bottom rack which holds a small dust brush and pan.

kitchen wrap storage rack

I have found these racks to be an efficient use of space, and they have enabled me to store things that I didn't know what to do with otherwise. The racks are sold at home improvement stores and Amazon.

For more tips see The Kitchen Organization Edition of Works for me Wednesday.



That is a great idea! I am all about saving space!
Great idea! And That's one of my favorite types of gf pasta too. I've finally found a corn one I like too from an Italian company & one made from soy, potato & rice flours.

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